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Asphalt Sealcoating

When searching for asphalt sealcoating near me, you are bound to find a laundry list of companies and DIY asphalt sealcoating blogs. However, if you’ve made it to Colorado Springs Asphalt, you’ve made it to the right place! CO Springs paving provides exemplary service for all of your asphalt repair and asphalt sealcoating needs!.

Over time, your driveway or parking lot may begin to fade and become dull. Rather than performing an entire asphalt replacement, applying a sealcoat is a quick and cost-effective solution. Colorado Springs Asphalt recommends applying a sealant roughly every two to three years to extend the life of your pavement and to help it last for years to come. Certain surfaces may need to be sealed more often, depending on the amount of traffic and the amount of exposure to the elements. Although blacktop is a great choice in many scenarios, it is susceptible to deterioration over time and will fade when exposed to water, oils, and UV rays.

In addition to adding a bright new sheen to your pavement, a sealcoat can also fill some shallow cracks. However, this is only recommended in specific scenarios. If your asphalt is experiencing larger cracks, a crack filler will be necessary before applying a sealant. An asphalt crack filler will prevent water and oils from infiltrating the foundation of your blacktop, which can cause more significant issues over time.  


A frequent question is, how much will sealcoating driveway cost or driveway sealing cost? Unfortunately, there isn’t a single, easy answer. Some factors that influence sealcoating cost are the size of the area, the layout of the area, and the current condition of the surface. If the existing pavement is dirty or stained, the blacktop sealcoat will not adhere correctly. Pavement sealer requires asphalt to be completely clean and free of all stains and dirt to adhere correctly.

After you’ve decided that it’s time to seal your driveway or parking lot, you must also consider the time of year the seasonal weather. For proper application, the temperature must be above 45 degrees, and it shouldn’t be forecast to rain within 24 hours after application. CO Springs Blacktop recommends that you not drive on a recently sealed surface for at least 24 hours to let the sealant cure. These requirements make it essential for you to call a professional blacktop contractor immediately once you begin to notice any deterioration. The more quickly you reach out, the more likely your existing blacktop driveway or parking lot will be able to be repaired versus replaced.  

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