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Asphalt Resurfacing

Over time asphalt surfaces will begin to fail. Sometimes, a crack filling service or blacktop sealcoating will suffice, but other times if the damage is too extensive, you may need to consider a more thorough solution. Rather than replacing the entire topcoat and subbase, asphalt resurfacing or an asphalt overlay may be a more cost-effective solution. Resurfacing is when a new layer of asphalt is laid over the existing blacktop subbase.

An overlay is different from a complete replacement. A full replacement is where the surface and the base are both removed, the contractors regrade the area, and then a new foundation and layer of blacktop is applied. Resurfacing will make your blacktop driveway look as good as new, similar to a full replacement, and should be sufficient unless there are other underlying issues.

There are multiple benefits to resurfacing an asphalt driveway or parking lot, including but not limited to, extending usable life while maintaining a crisp new look that can be diminished after many years of patching. Resurfacing can also prevent some surface cracking and peeling that results from the overuse of sealcoating.


The common question is, “is asphalt resurfacing right for me?” In many cases, the answer can be, Yes! An overlay is an excellent choice due to its quick installation and lower cost. However, there are cases where Colorado Springs Asphalt can’t recommend resurfacing.

If the foundation has become compromised, then most likely, a full replacement will be necessary. When the foundation fails, you can see extensive cracking in the topcoat, which will return even after sealcoating, patching, or crack filling. This deterioration is most common in driveways and parking lots over 20 years old, but it can impact newer installations as well if the pavement isn’t adequately maintained.

A common cause of needing resurfacing is due to the elements. Asphalt is subject to water, sunlight, and potentially poor construction that can all inhibit its useful life.

  • Water-related issues are very pervasive. A likely cause of asphalt cracking or failure can be poor drainage. Years of significant precipitation can wear away your blacktop. An asphalt overlay can help lessen these issues by correctly diverting water away.

  • If inexperienced contractors installed your pavement, it’s possible that it will start to decline more quickly over time. Often, an amateur installer will not press the foundation properly or may install the asphalt in subpar weather conditions reducing the practical life of your blacktop surface.

  • Long term exposure to the sun will cause asphalt to dull and lose its luster. An asphalt overlay is a possible solution to this dullness if asphalt sealcoating isn’t available or if it has been recently done.

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In Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the surrounding areas, the weather can have a significant impact on when asphalt repair can take place. It is not prudent to undertake asphalt work outside of the spring, summer, and fall seasons or anytime when the temperature is below 45 degrees. Asphalt needs to be laid when it is hot; hot asphalt is affected by the cold air as well as cooler ground temperatures. If the mix cools too quickly, it becomes tough to spread, which can cause an uneven surface. 

In an emergency, there are alternatives to a full replacement or overlay. One option is a cold patch, which is a short term bandage to the issue but can help get you through the cold months before Colorado Springs Asphalt can assess the degree of damage and the necessary repair.  

In prime conditions, a blacktop overlay is installed by first removing the top layer of the driveway or parking lot, Colorado Springs Asphalt contractors then utilize tack oil to help the new asphalt adhere to the old surface. When applying an overlay, it is imperative to remember that the subbase is not being repaired or replaced. If the subbase is jeopardized, the newly resurfaced area may soon begin to crack and pool or puddle. 

Following resurfacing, Colorado Springs Asphalt recommends periodic maintenance. Paying close attention and performing regular pothole repair, biennial sealcoating, and crack filling when necessary can make a notable difference in the longevity of your blacktop driveway or parking lot. 

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