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Asphalt Patching

Asphalt patching is a repair that can help when only the top 1 to 2 inches of blacktop are afflicted. As long as the base is uncompromised, blacktop patching can be successful. Colorado Springs Asphalt can help you decide if Asphalt Patching can work in your particular situation. If patching is an option, sections of the asphalt will be cut out and filled in with new aggregate. In specific scenarios, such as for pothole repairs, the area can be cleaned and refilled without the need to have any of the top layer cut-away.

If you’re experiencing potholes, surface drainage issues, or if you need a budget-friendly solution to a full asphalt overlay or complete replacement asphalt patching may be a viable solution. While patching is a quick fix, it won’t resolve more significant issues such as deep potholes, extensive cracking, or any problems with the subbase. Following the winter months in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area, potholes are a big issue. Pothole repair should not be put off for long – the longer you wait, the more extensive the fix will be.

There are multiple different methods of asphalt patching depending on the situation:


  • In the winter or during adverse weather, you can use the throw-and-roll method. The throw-and-roll process is a short-term fix and is the most basic patching technique. This process uses liquid asphalt to fill holes before being rolled over. It is preferable to hot-mix in the colder months because it begins to set as soon as it reacts with the air and can be used as an emergency fix.
  • A longer-term solution compared to throw-and-roll is semi-permanent patching. This type of patching requires a bit more prep and less inclement weather. Patch mix fills in a cleaned, dry, and cut hole and is then compacted with a vibratory roller or a vibratory plate.


  • Spray injection, which is similar to semi-permanent patching, the contractor injects a patch mix under high pressure into an affected area. This type of patch doesn’t need to be rolled or compacted and can is performed in adverse conditions. It requires more specialized equipment to blow in the aggregate and emulsion. Compared to throw-and-roll, the spray injection method is more preferred.
  • The most permanent and efficient method is full-depth patching. This method is the most complex and requires a professional paving contractor to execute correctly. A full-depth patch is where 4 inches deep and a foot of uncompromised asphalt is excavated into the surrounding area to provide more support. The area is then sprayed with a tack coat and backfilled with new pavement.

    Colorado Springs Asphalt is happy to help you decide which of these methods is right for your project. They take pride in their craft, and their experienced paving professionals stand behind their work. Fill out the form above or call (719) 555-5555 today. Colorado Springs Asphalt Services is standing by and ready to estimate your specific asphalt patching project today!

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