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Asphalt Crack Filling

Asphalt is a very durable material that is often the first choice for many homeowners and business owners looking to pave a surface. Over time, however, asphalt can begin to chip and crack. If you have a paved blacktop surface that is starting to crack, this could be an early indication of other underlying problems that may require a more immediate asphalt repair.

Small cracks offer an entryway for water and other debris to trickle into the lower layers of pavement and infiltrate the subbase. Over time, this water can cause significant deterioration. If left untreated, this could necessitate an asphalt resurfacing or a full replacement where the compromised blacktop would need to be removed entirely and replaced. Especially during the cold Colorado winters, water can freeze and expand, causing small cracks to turn into larger cracks inviting a different slew of potential issues.

Luckily, if addressed early, Colorado Springs Asphalt can recommend a budget-friendly and effective crack filling service!


Colorado Springs Asphalt professionals are experts at their trade. They will help you determine the cracking your asphalt is experiencing and will recommend the best blacktop repair plan for the situation. When called upon, the professional asphalt contractors will first work to determine the type of cracking that is occurring.Common types of cracks include:
  • Transverse cracks are fractures that are usually the first to appear and extend perpendicular to the centerline. They are often caused by moisture infiltrating the asphalt. Sometimes transverse cracks can be fixed without the need of a filler, but with just an asphalt sealcoating application.


  • Longitudinal cracks occur parallel to the centerline. They are often the cause of poorly constructed joints, cracks reflecting from lower levels, and by changes in temperatures.
  • Edge cracks, as their name suggests, develop within 1-2 feet of the edge of the asphalt and can be caused by shifting temperatures and poor edge support and settling.


  • Seam cracks, or reflection cracking, form in asphalt overlays, which may have been installed over the deteriorated pavement or which may result as shifting occurs in the foundation.


  • Alligator cracks, or fatigue cracking, are a result of wear-and-tear. These cracks are quite extensive and can form an interconnected web that resembles alligator skin.

Due to asphalts composition, it expands or contracts based on weather cycles. In warmer temperatures, asphalt will contract. The best time to fill cracks is usually in late spring to early summer. Colorado Springs Blacktop can use a flexible fill that endures the natural expansion and contraction cycles that occur as the season’s change.

In some cases, cracks may not be able to be filled. In this event, CO Springs Asphalt may need to recommend a more extensive project such as an asphalt overlay. Call the local professional paving contractors you can trust at the first signs of distress, so the experts at Colorado Springs Asphalt can rejuvenate your blacktop today!

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